Guidance Counseling

Budhanilkantha School has a Board of Counselors to cater to the growing need of providing guidance-counseling service to the college-bound students of the school. The current Board of Counselors is as under:


Mr. Keshar Bahadur Khulal    –   Principal

Vice Chairperson:

Mr. Atiram K. C.     –    Vice Principal Higher Secondary Level

Guidance Counselors:

Mr. Bijay Ram Maharjan

Mr. Chiranjivi Sharma

Head of Houses of Graduating Students

Mr. Vijaya Adhikari  –   Head  of Byasrishi House

Mrs. Purni Lama  –   Head of Choyu House

Mr. Tulshi Adhikari  –  Head of Gaurishanker House

Mrs. Sonee Shrestha  –   Head of Ratnachuli House

The Guidance Counselors can be  contacted at  Bijay Maharjan <>, Chiranjivi Sharma <>

Services provided by the Guidance Counselor:

  1. Advising and guiding college-bound students of BNKS on
    • selection of academic courses and subjects,
    • selection, preparation and registration of different standardized tests,
    • college planning, selection and application procedures,
  2. Providing Guidance Counselor’s Recommendations and required official documents to the colleges/universities
  3. Coordinating with different related institutions in and outside the country

School’s CEEB/Act  Code: 689070

History of Guidance Counseling at BNKS:

Guidance Counseling informally started in 1987 when the first batch of A-level graduates started applying to the British and American Universities. Mr. Andrew Jason Wild, the then Housemaster of Gaurishanker House, can be credited for laying the foundation of guidance counseling at Budhanilkantha School. Even after the departure of Mr. Wild from Gaurishanker House, the system of Head of Gaurishanker House providing the service of a guidance counseling continued for several years.

From 1997 Mrs. H. Gurung started providing the counseling service to the girl students. After the introduction of Byasrisi House, every housemaster of the four upper senior houses became the Co-Guidance Counselors providing the service to the students of their respective houses.

In 2005, the school set up the Board of Counselors under the leadership of formal office of Guidance Counselor with the aim of making the college counseling service even more effective by centralizing it. Mrs. Chomu Dolma was officially appointed as First Guidance Counselor of the school. Mr. Atiram K.C. succeeded Mrs. Dolma in 2007. After Mr. Atiram K. C. was appointed the Vice Principal for Higher Secondary Level,  Mr. Bijay Ram Maharjan  and Mr. Chiranjivi Sharma were appointed as Guidance Counselors.