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On the basis of the written examinations held on July 1, 2016 (17th Asad, 2073), it has been decided to offer placement to the following candidates to pursue Class 11 of NEB, Nepal at Budhanilkantha School, Kathmandu for the upcoming academic year (2016-2017). The Offer Letters are to be collected  on Sunday, 3rd July, 2016 (19th Ashadh, 2073) from the school. The admission process should be completed by Monday 4th July 2016 (20th Asad, 2073). Wait-listed Candidates are requested to contact the school on Tuseday, 5th July 2016 (21st Ashadh, 2073)
S No Name Boy/Girl School Remarks
1 Bibek Panday Boy Tilottama English H S S, Rupendehi
2 Binamra Shrestha Boy Earthly Paradise H S S, Lamjung
3 Lasik Nepal Boy Geoffrey English School, Jhapa
4 Milan Shrestha Boy Shanti Vidya Mandir E H S S, Chitwan
5 Mishan Khadka Sunar Boy Deukhuri Valley E B School, Dang
6 Netra Rawat Boy National United School, Hattigauda
7 Nikhil Aryal Boy Alpine Secondary School, Parsa
8 Nishant Awasthi Boy Shree Bal Jyoti Secondary School, Kanchanpur
9 Opendra Thapa Boy Gorkha United Public H S School
10 Prabin Paudel Boy Fluorescent HSS, Kathmandu
11 Prabin Sharma Boy Tulsi Boarding H S School, Dang
12 Sabin Pokhrel Boy Deep Baording Higher Sec. School, Butwal
13 Sabin Tiwari Boy Global Collegiate H S S, Pokhara
14 Sachin Shrestha Boy Bhu. Pu. Sainik H S S, Lamjung Conditional
15 Sameer jung Subedi Boy GEMS, Lalitpur
16 Sameer Paudel Boy Brighter Academy, Bara
17 Sampanna Bhatta Boy Saraswati Higher Secondary School, Jorpati
18 Sandesh Kharel Boy Butwal Glory E B S Butwal
19 Sulav Neupane Boy The Excelsior School, Kathmandu
26 Aagya Paudel Girl St. Mary’s H S S, Pokhara
27 Aashra Bajracharya Girl Triyog H S S, Kathmandu
28 Ankita Jaiswal Girl Paradise School, Sanepa
29 Ashmita Adhikari Girl Siddhartha Academy H S B S , Dang
30 Chandani Rana Girl Siddhartha Vanasthali, Kathmandu
31 Dikshya Kandel Girl Samata Shiksha Niketan, Nawalparasi
32 Kamana K C Girl TIMES School, Kathmandu
33 Mala Khatri Girl Sun Beam H S School, Banke
34 Mee Pema Wangmo Rai Girl Balmiki Edu. Foundation, Jhapa
35 Neeusha Joshi Girl Shree Phaudasing Janta H S S, Sarlahi
36 Nikita Khanal Girl St. Xaviers School, Lalitpur
37 Ojaswi Thapa Girl Alpine Pulbic School, Dolakha
38 Pramisha Adhikari Girl Barahi Awasiya H S S, Tanahu
39 Prashanna K C Girl Lalitpur Madhyamik Vidhyalaya
40 Prashidhika Ghimire Girl L R I School, Kathmandu
41 Pratibha Bhandari Girl Siddhartha Vanasthali, Kathmandu
42 Rachana Acharya Girl Siddhartha Vanasthali, Kathmandu
43 Raksha Cahudhary Girl Kadambari Academy, Birgunj
44 Rashmi Gautam Girl Reliance International Academy, Kathmandu
45 Ritika Shrestha Girl St. Mary’s H S S
46 Sashmita Raut Girl Maniland English School, Thali
47 Shambhavi Adhikari Girl Kanjirowa National School, Kathmandu
48 Sharmila Dhakal Girl National United High School
49 Shikha Bhattarai Girl Reliance International Academy, Kathmandu
50 Shiwami K C Girl St. Mary’s H S S, Lalitpur
51 Shubu Parajuli Girl New Horizon English B H S S, Butwal
52 Sobiya Shrestha Bhari Girl Little Angels’ School, Lalitpur
53 Sunita Dahal Girl Kumari Secondary School, Kathmandu
54 Swikriti Gautam Girl Gyanodaya H S S, Kathmandu
55 Tania Lamichhane Girl Triyog H S S, Kathmandu
1 Khem Raj Shah Boy Arniko Higher Secondary School, Morang W 1
2 Niraj Adhikari Boy Deepshikha HSBS, Dang W 2
3 Suman Bhandari Boy Horizon G B S , Butwal W 3
4 Sandesh Ghorasainee Boy Pathshala Nepal Foundation, Kathmandu W 4
5 Dipak Aryal Boy Tilottama English H S S, Rupendehi W 5
6 Pranshu Acharya Boy Brihaspati Vidhya Sadan, Kathmandu W 6
1 Sneha Basnet Girl Himal Academy, Dang W 1
2 Reetu Parajuli Girl Kali Gandaki Academy, Parbat W 2
3 Bibhusha Ojha Girl St. Mary’s Higher Secondry School, Lalitpur W 3
4 Pratibha Bhandari Girl Triyog H S S, Kathmandu W 4
5 Kritika Paudel Girl Galaxy English Boarding High School, Rupendehi W 5
6 Smriti Adhikari Girl Triveni Sadan English Secondary School, Kathmandu W 6
7 Sachina Shrestha Girl Dhrubatara School, Kathmandu W 7
Vice Principal July 1, 2016 (Ashadh 17, 2073)

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Results of Class 5 Fee Payers’ Entrance Exam 2016
On the basis of the entrance exam conducted on Thursday, 7th April 2016, the following
candidates have been selected in Class 5 for the academic year 2016-2017.
SN Name School District Remarks
1 Ashlesha Dangal Nava Arunima Secondary School Kathmandu
2 Fara Saru Magar Triyog H. S. School Kathmandu
3 Sneha Poudel Tanahun Gyanganga E. B. School Tanahun
4 Shreya Khadka Pathshala Nepal Foundation Kathmandu
5 Kritika Shrestha Mahalaxmi English High School Kathmandu
6 Saumayaa Ghimire Shikshantan School Kathmandu
7 Shreya Maharjan Swarnim School Kathmandu
8 Aadisha Bhusal New Horizon E. B. School Rupandehi
9 Sukirti Kansakar GEMS Lalitpur
10 Anoma Tuladhar Nirvana Academy Kathmandu
11 Rachhya Maskey Genuine Secondary School Bhaktapur
12 Tashi Sherpa Kathmandu Valley H. S. School Kathmandu
13 Anugya Panta Occidental Public School Kathmandu
14 Kunzang Palmo Sherpa Trungram International Academy Kathmandu
15 Prasuna Bhandari Pathshala Nepal Foundation Kathmandu
16 Sapana Singh National Model E. S. School Kathmandu
17 Alju Rijal Riviera International Academy Kathmandu
18 Aashree Shrestha Kathmandu Vidhya Kunja S. School Kathmandu
19 Shanti Mahara Good Start Academy Kathmandu
20 Mirdula Rai Gyankunj H. S. School Kathmandu
21 Karshini Dahal Greystanes Public School Merrylands, Australia
22 Prathana Bhusal Pinnacle Scholar’s Academy Kathmandu
23 Ditya KC Trungram International Academy Kathmandu
24 Satviki Aryal Alok Vidyashram Kathmandu
25 Pritha Upadhyaya Nirvana Academy Kathmandu
26 Bigya Karki Reliance Public School Kathmandu
27 Jeeya Dhakal National Model Science School Kathmandu
28 Nairiti Rai John Dewey H. S. School Kathmandu
29 Shreeya Shrestha Namo Buddha Int’nl Model School Kathmandu
30 Ayusha Adhikari Himalaya Boarding High School Kathmandu
Waiting List
1 Jeni Gurung The Chandbagh School Kathmandu
2 Sadikshya Poudel Saint Josephs’ Boarding School Nawalparasi
3 Aska Gautam The Chandbagh School Kathmandu
4 Adya  Basnet Khadka Kasthamandap Vidhyalaya Kathmandu
SN Name School District Remarks
1 Yuvaraj Basnet Shree Panchayan Bidhya Mandir Sunsari
2 Deepson Shrestha Nightingale H. S. School Lalitpur
3 Uddhav Thakur Valley View English School Kathmandu
4 Kshitiz Babu Acharya Rosebud School Kathmandu
5 Amrit Yadav Nawa Gyanbhumi B. H. School Kathmandu Conditional
6 Nabodit Dhakal Bhanubhakta Memorial H. S. School Kathmandu
7 Suyash Bhattarai KMC School Kathmandu
8 Saugat Tamang Kantipur English High School Kathmandu
9 Sashank Dhakal Mahakavi Devkota Memorial S. School Kathmandu Conditional
10 Bibidh Gautam Paragon Public School Kathmandu
11 Apurba Subedi Modern Indian School Kathmandu
12 Gaurav Adhikari Bhanubhakta Memorial H. S. School Kathmandu
13 Riwaj Adhikari Gaindakot Namuna Awasiya M. V. Nawalparasi
14 Kushal Regmi KMC School Kathmandu
15 Rohan Paneru Siddharth Vanasthali Institute Kathmandu
16 Ashraya Burlakoti Ashirvad Boarding School Kathmandu
17 Aaditya Adhikari Valmiki Shiksha Sadan Chitwan
18 Nirmal K C Rukum Everest English Academy Rukum
19 Pranav B S Katwal The Chandbagh School Kathmandu
20 Pratyush B Shrestha Bhanubhakta Memorial H. S. School Kathmandu
21 Aryan Karki Trungram International Academy Kathmandu
22 Bishesh Poudel Shikshantar School Kathmandu
23 Girish Mishra Tri Jyoti H. S. School Kathmandu
24 Lasang Khapung Kavya School Kathmandu
25 Shronit Maharjan Swarnim School Kathmandu
26 Pranaya Sigdel The Celebration Co-Ed Kathmandu
27 Kabir Khadka V S Niketan H. S. School Kathmandu
28 Didek Man Chaudhary International English Model School Chitwan
29 Shivam Yadav Nightingale H. S. School Lalitpur
30 Tashi Lama Sherpa Kasthamandap Vidhyalaya Kathmandu
31 Shan Shrestha Malpi City School Kathmandu
32 Roman B S Basnet Eastwood International Academy Morang
33 Aayush Paudel Meridian International School Kathmandu
34 Minesh Pandit Sundarban School of Science Kathmandu
35 Shibanga Bhattarai Bhanubhakta Memorial H. S. School Kathmandu
36 Aashish Amgain Kantipur English High School Kathmandu
37 Sudhanshu Bhattarai GEMS Lalitpur
38 Samuzzle Gyawali Saipal Academy Kathmandu
39 Sulav Subedi St. Paul International School Kathmandu
40 Digdarshan Pokharel NIC Academy Kathmandu
41 Siddhartha Shrestha Olympia World H. S. School Kathmandu
42 Gaurab Adhikari V S Niketan H. S. School Kathmandu
43 Shreemad Upadhyay Mills Berry School Kathmandu
44 Shubham Kayastha Kantipur English High School Kathmandu
45 Abhinesh Acharya Kantipur English High School Kathmandu
46 Aarnabh Khadka Meridian International School Kathmandu Conditional
Waiting List
1 Saksham Jung Koirala Alok Vidyashram Kathmandu
2 Aadarsha N Adhikari Olympic World H. S. School Kathmandu
3 Shreesh Adhikari Little Flower School Chitwan
4 Namon Raj Shrestha Vidya Sanskar School Kathmandu
5 Aawishkar Sunuwar Heavenly Garden Kids Rupandehi
Accepted candidates are requested to collect their offer letter from school between 12:00 PM – 03:00 PM on 29 and 30 Chaitra, 2072
Parents of conditionally accepted candidates must contact the school on 29 Chaitra, 2072.
Vice Principal (LSL) Date: 8th April 2016